Consultation on changes to our statement Ending a doctor-patient relationship


We are reviewing our statement on ending a doctor-patient relationship and we would like your feedback.

This statement is about providing guidance on how to end a relationship with a patient and what doctors should consider.

Our changes aim to provide more guidance on:

  • what doctors should consider before ending a specific doctor-patient relationship
  • when to seek advice from a peer, colleague or a medical indemnity insurer when deciding whether to end the treating relationship with a patient.
  • situations where it would be inappropriate and unethical to terminate the doctor-patient relationship. 

You can access the consultation paper at the link below. The paper outlines the key changes, and questions where we would value your input. 

We welcome your feedback and ask that you send it to us by 21 September 2020. Please email submissions to

We look forward to receiving your comments.

  • We are reviewing our statement on Ending a doctor-patient relationship, and we would like your feedback.

  • This draft version of our statement around ending a doctor-patient relationship contains proposed changes that we're currently consulting on. Please see our consultation page for information on how to provide feedback.

  • Ending a doctor patient relationship

    Doctor-patient relationships can come to an end for a variety of reasons, commonly when the patient moves to another area or chooses to see another doctor, but also when the relationship breaks down and either the doctor or patient decides to discontinue the professional relationship. We outline in this statement the process for discontinuing patient care, and the need to do so in a fair and professional manner.