Consultation - Statement on unprofessional behaviour


We are reviewing our statement Unprofessional behaviour: How it impacts patient safety and team-based care, and we would like your input.

In our reviewed draft statement we have added more emphasis and guidance on:

  • doctors working as part of a team
  • the importance of doctors working in a cooperative and collaborative way
  • how unprofessional behaviour impacts on:
    • patient safety
    • clinical teams
    • the working environment
    • the patient’s trust and confidence in their doctor; and
    • the public’s perception of the medical profession; and
  • how to manage instances of unprofessional behaviour by doctors.

You can access the consultation paper at the link below. The paper outlines the key changes, and the questions we’d value your input. We’ve also included the draft revised statement (Appendix 1) and the existing statement (Appendix 2).

We welcome your feedback and ask that you send it to us by 30 June 2020. Submissions can be emailed to Kanny Ooi, Senior Policy Adviser and Researcher at