Providing supervision reports online

Media releases

We have launched a new online portal to make it easier for supervisors of international medical graduates (IMGs) under supervision to submit their three-monthly supervision reports. The portal is designed to improve efficiency in the way we go about collecting supervision reports for IMGs.

This portal is designed to be easy to use and has the advantage of a built-in notification system to remind supervisors and IMGs when reports are due. The portal also allows Council to receive the reports immediately, cutting out some of the administration involved.

The purpose of supervision is to support an IMG’s practice and enable their performance to be assessed while they become familiar with the New Zealand health system and the expected standard of medical practice.

All supervisors and IMGs will be contacted over the next few weeks to get setup to use the new portal.

Training sessions with supervisors

We’re running webinars for supervisors on how to complete supervision reports online, including a walk-through of the process from receiving an email notifying a supervisor to complete a report, through to the final step of submitting it to Council online. During the webinar supervisors have an opportunity to ask us questions.

Supervisors can register to attend a session at the following times: