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The Choosing Wisely forum puts the spotlight on unnecessary medical intervention, and the unintended harm that can be cause.

Choosing Wisely clinical lead Dr Derek Sherwood says the campaign puts the spotlight on unnecessary medical intervention, and the unintended harm that can be caused.

'A recent survey of around 800 clinicians, carried out with (NZMA), the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) and the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) found that nearly 70 percent consider the provision of unnecessary tests, procedures or treatments an issue for New Zealand health care.

Unnecessary interventions are stressful, and potentially expose patients to harm, leading to more testing to investigate false positives

Dr Derek Sherwood, Choosing Wisely clinical lead

'We will also be assisting consumers to attend the meeting to repeat last year’s commentary from consumers on all sessions,’ Dr Sherwood says.

Forum speakers include:

  • Kirsten McCaffey, Director of Research at the Sydney School of Public Health and Director of the Sydney Health Literacy Lab. Kirsten has an international reputation in shared decision making, health literacy and the assessment of psychosocial outcomes.
  • Associate Prof Sue Crengle from Otago University’s Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, who will discuss Choosing Wisely and equity.
  • Dr Robyn Lindner from Choosing Wisely in Australia, who will discuss successfully implementing the campaign, and evaluation.

The campaign is gaining momentum in New Zealand. Seventeen district health boards are involved in Choosing Wisely work and it is supported by a number of PHOs and GP practices. Thirty-one medical colleges, specialty societies and health practitioners’ associations are now linked to the campaign. Over 154 lists of tests, treatments and procedures that should be questioned have been developed, along with 45 patient resources.