From the Chief Executive

It is pleasing to note that as 2019 draws to a close we have recently achieved two of our key strategic initiatives.

The first relates to our Promoting competence strategic direction and the second relates to our Cultural safety, partnership and health equity strategic direction.

Strategic initiatives

I am thrilled to see key milestones achieved for two of our key strategic initiatives over recent weeks. The first relates to our Promoting competence strategic direction. Our strengthened recertification model has been published and circulated to stakeholders and to all members of the profession. This signals the coming together of work that has been undertaken over a number of years and provides clarity for the medical colleges as well as for the profession. There is a stronger emphasis on the importance of reflection on practice, engagement with a senior colleague with an annual conversation and activities that provide the most benefit and value.

The second is related to our Cultural safety, partnership and health equity strategic direction. We have published the Statement on cultural safety and the accompanying resource He Ara Hauora Māori: A Pathway to Māori Health Equity. We are grateful for the leadership and expertise of our partners Te ORA in completing this important work.

Related to our Medical Education strategic direction, the review and refresh of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework for Prevocational Medical Training and the introduction of learning activities to replace the 373 learning outcomes is being welcomed. The learning activity model will facilitate reflection and ongoing learning for interns. We are pleased to have this implemented in time for the new intern year.

I would like to recognise the valuable contribution that has been made from a wide range of stakeholders who have participated on our many advisory and working groups for each of these initiatives. We are grateful to everyone for the part they have played.

Council’s new office

Since the Seddon, Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes, Council like many other businesses and organisations in Wellington, has had to move office a few times. These moves have been because of safety concerns about the buildings we have been in. Therefore we were really pleased to move into a new permanent office in the centre of Wellington earlier in the year.

Welcome to new Council members

We were delighted to recently welcome four new Council members, including two lay members - Giselle McLachlan and Richard Aston and two medical members - Dr Stephen Child and Dr Charles Hornabrook. Each new Council member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Council table that will help to ensure that we are well placed to carry out our role, in protecting public safety.


As the year draws to a close, I would like to express our thanks to all those who have contributed to our work and supported us over 2019. I wish you and your families a safe and relaxing holiday season.

Ngā  mihi

Joan Simeon
Chief Executive Officer


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