Keep up to date with Prescriber Update

Medsafe's publication, Prescriber Update, is recommended reading for registered doctors and is essential for staying up to date on medicines safety issues. It’s written for all New Zealand healthcare professionals and provides information on safety concerns with both medicines and medical devices.

Medsafe publishes Prescriber Update four times a year on the Medsafe website. You can search for and view individual articles online or download PDFs of previous editions.  

Prescriber Update includes important information on:

  • current and emerging safety issues
  • recently funded medicines (Spotlight articles)
  • the discussion of the previous Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee meeting (MARC’s remarks)
  • individual cases of adverse reactions reported to the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (Gathering Knowledge)
  • what Medsafe does (The Medsafe Files).

Many of the articles in Prescriber Update are triggered or based on adverse drug reaction reports you and your colleagues send to the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring. Thank you for taking the time to report these. Your reports contribute to the monitoring of medicines safety in New Zealand and improvements in the quality of medical care.

Medsafe emails subscribers when a new edition of Prescriber Update is published. Medsafe also emails safety communications to subscribers about emerging safety information.

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