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Option three

Competent Authority pathway

The requirements for this option

To be eligible to apply for this pathway you must:

  • hold a primary medical degree from a university medical school accredited by a competent authority; and
  • hold full or general registration with a competent authority, or
  • have completed your internship within the United Kingdom or Irish jurisdictions; and
    satisfy Council’s English language requirements.

Applying for registration

To apply for registration you must submit:

Any additional forms requested in the checklist can be found here.

The conditions for this option

The conditions of a provisional general scope specify that you must:

  • work in a position we have approved
  • work in a New Zealand hospital, general practice, educational institution or other organisation we have approved
  • work under the supervision of a registered doctor we have approved .

Progression to a general scope

We may authorise you to change to a general scope once you have:

  • satisfied the provisional general scope conditions
  • been recommended for this by your supervisor
  • completed 6 months working within a provisional general scope
  • received two consecutive satisfactory supervisor’s reports.
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