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Medical Council consultation on sexual and professional boundaries

21 August 2018

Doctors are responsible for maintaining professional boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship. The following draft statements set out to establish the appropriate boundaries between a doctor and their patients.

The Medical Council is seeking your feedback on the following statements:

Sexual boundaries in the doctor –patient relationship (Appendix I); 

Professional boundaries in the doctor –patient relationship (Appendix II).

We have also attached our existing statements for reference:

The importance of clear sexual boundaries in the patient-doctor relationship: A guide for patients (Appendix III);

Sexual boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship: A resource for doctors (Appendix IV).

The draft statement on Sexual boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship sets out to establish what is appropriate behaviour between a doctor and their patients.

The draft statement on Professional boundaries in the doctor-patient relationship is new and includes guidance on a number of areas which, if not managed appropriately, could result in doctors compromising the care they provide.

Draft statement on Sexual boundaries in the doctor – patient relationship 

We welcome your feedback by 5pm on Friday 12 October 2018.

You may submit this via email to


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