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Strengthening recertification for vocationally-registered doctors in New Zealand

17 December 2018

The Medical Council of New Zealand (Council) would like to thank all those individuals, groups and organisations who provided feedback on the discussion document “Towards strengthening recertification for vocationally-registered doctors in New Zealand”.

Consultation opened in early September and there was a high level of interest and engagement. Thoughtful and considered feedback was received both in writing and verbally through a number of discussions held both around New Zealand and in Australia throughout the submission period. In all, Council received 261 written submissions from medical colleges, associations, national healthcare organisations, primary and tertiary group representatives and a large number of individuals.

Next Steps

The Recertification Working Group is now considering all of the feedback received and is working on the next steps of this important work. A further update will be provided in the new year, however if in the meantime you have any questions, please contact:

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