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Internet scam - St Vincent Ranui Hospital & Wakefield Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand

27 April 2017

The Medical Council of New Zealand has become aware of an internet scam recruiting doctors for St Vincent Ranui Hospital in Karori, Wellington, New Zealand and Wakefield Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand

The St Vincent Ranui Hospital, Wellington does not exist nor do any employment opportunities for doctors.

For this reason the Medical Council would caution that any doctor seeking employment at St Vincent Ranui Hospital, Wellington avoid getting caught up in the scam, and that they do not pay any fees / costs.

The Council has notified Immigration New Zealand of the scam, and is in the process of informing other relevant parties / organisations.

David Kember is a New Zealand lawyer whose identity is being used by the scammers in an attempt to legitimise the fraudulent activity. Please note that Mr Kember has no knowledge of or involvement in this scheme whatsoever.

A list of public and private hospitals in New Zealand can be found here.

Wakefield Hospital

The Council is also aware that fraudsters claiming to be from Wakefield Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand are recruiting for hospital staff, conducting interviews and providing false job offers to members of the wider public. If you receive a job offer from Wakefield Hospital and are unsure whether it is genuine or not you can call Wakefield Hospital on a number from their website for verification.

Contact details for Wakefield Hospital can be found here.


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