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Applying for access to the medical register

Council makes the medical register available in its entirety to approved persons or organisations through a secure area on our website. Before applying, it is important that prospective register users are aware of what information is inclued in the register and that not all proposed uses of the register information will be approved.

Is there public access available to the register?

Yes, Council provides public access to the register through its website at:

The public register allows doctors to be searched for by name and region and displays all publicly available information for the doctor.

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How is register access different from the public register?

The information provided through the public register and register access is largely the same. The main differences are:

  1. Additional information - Register access includes information not shared as part of the public register including the doctor's Medical Council identifier as well as the doctor's registered address (see the FAQ item around registered address for more information).
  2. Register data file access - Register access provides approved users with secure access to the whole register presented in a single file (in CSV format) which is suitable for importing into software and other systems. The public register must be searched from Council's website and only displays the information for one doctor at a time.

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How do I apply for register access?

To apply for register access, please email and we will send you an application form as well as the full technical documentation around the format and fields of the register.

Please also review the other frequently asked questions below to make sure that register access is suitable for your requirements and that your intended use of the data is something that is likely to be approved.

If your question is not covered here, please email

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Other frequently asked questions

Does register access include address and other contact information for doctors?

Please be aware that register access only includes very limited address information for doctors and proposed use of this address information is reviewed very closely. Specifically, the only address information contained in the register file is the doctor's registered address. No email or other contact information for doctors is accessible through register access.

What is the registered address?

The registered address is an address selected by doctors to be used for the medical register. This can be any address including but not limited to the doctors postal, residential or work address. Under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA), doctors may choose to make this address confidential. Therefore for some doctors there will be no address information listed.

Will register access tell me where doctors are working/employed?

Unfortunately not. There is no employment or practice information for doctors included as part of the register.

Does register access include doctors' CPN/HPI?

No, register access does not include doctors' CPN/HPI. This information is governed and managed by the Ministry of Health and health sector users can apply for access to this via the secure environment of the national health information network.

For more information around this please see the Ministry of Health's website at the following link:

Ministry of Health - HPI Access FAQ

Is there a cost to register access?

Yes, a fee is payable for register access. This fee goes towards maintaining the register information and the secure area of our website where it is made available to approved users.

There are two fees - one for ongoing access to the register (for one year) and a lesser fee to get a one-time copy of the register file. Full details of the fees can be found in the application form we send.

Are there limitations on how register data can be used and is there a list of approved uses?

Yes there are limitations on how register data can be used and not all proposed uses will be approved. We don't have fixed lists of approved uses or of uses that will not be approved as it is not always possible to predict how information will be used. Instead, all applications are reviewed to make sure that the proposed use of the register information is appropriate and is in line with both Council's purposes under the HPCAA as well as for the purposes for whcih the information was collected.

However, potential applicants should be aware that proposed uses which involve sending correspondence to doctors are unlikely to be approved. A large part of the reason for this is that Council has received consistent feedback from doctors over the last few years that they receive too much correspondence, much of it unsolicited. Council does not want to add to this, and so we are not able to approve use of the register to send doctors unsolicited correspondence.

In addition, proposed uses where the register data is effectively being used to authenticate a doctor's identity or authenticate that a particular person is a doctor are also unlikely to be approved. The reason for this is that Council does not believe that the data included in the register is sufficient to be relied upon for this purpose as none of the information it contains is especially private/personal and/or likely to be only known to the doctor. Knowing this, Council cannot allow the register data to be relied on for this purpose as it would potentially expose Council and others to risk of misuse of identity information.

Is there automated access to the register file?

Council does not specifically support or provide automated access to the file (i.e. through software). If however after applying and being approved for register access and being given a username and password to access our secure website you are then interested in setting up a mechanism to log in and download the file automatically, we may be able to put you in touch with someone who has done this previously and has offered to help others by providing technical advice around how best to do it.

Please note that neither this register user nor any other register users offer automated register access as a service. On-sharing of the register data in this way would be a breach of the terms and conditions of register access unless it was specifically permitted by Council.  

What information is included with register access?

The information that is included with register access for each doctor is the doctor's:

  • Medical Council identifier
  • Scope of practice
  • APC status (Y/N)
  • Full name
  • Awards
  • Provisional registration date (where applicable)
  • General registration date (where applicable)
  • Current practising certificate start date
  • Current certificate end date
  • Registered address (see FAQ entry for this)
  • Qualifications
  • Vocational scope(s) (where applicable)

Further more technical detail will be provided when you request an application form for access.

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