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Find these doctors

Very occasionally we list several ‘lost’ doctors. These are doctors we cannot trace because they have not let us know their new addresses. If you change your address, please let us know your new address within a month.

We have lost contact with these doctors:

  • Dr Md Nazrul Islam
  • Dr Richard John Bowditch 
  • Dr Saira Sundar
  • Dr Nagalingam Rasalingam
  • Dr Patricia Boulton
  • Dr Richard Lloyd
  • Dr Dk Nur Adibah Binti PG HJ MD SALLEH
  • Dr Michael Harrison
  • Dr Thomas Peter Rose
  • Dr Charles Rees
  • Dr Anubhav Sathu
  • Dr Tau Boga
  • Dr James Speakman
  • Dr Xiaoyuan Zhai
  • Dr David Somerton
  • Dr Ashlea Meehan
  • Dr German Yakushkin
  • Dr Neeraj Bhala
  • Dr Michael James Butler
  • Dr Henrich Becker Strydom
  • Dr Stella Elizabeth Gillies 
  • Dr Elizabeth Helen Meredith
  • Dr Duane Elijah Anderson
  • Dr Coilin Leo Collins Smyth
  • Dr Matthew Maurice Whitehouse
  • Dr Paul David Mousa
  • Dr Len Redoblado
  • Dr Charles Theron
  • Dr Desmond Wilson Frengley
  • Dr Peter Rajan Prasad
  • Dr Warren S W Chan
  • Dr Connor James Davis
  • Dr Jan Milan Blahoslav Miller
  • Dr Richard Grant Cooper
  • Dr Alvin Garrett Paul Dousip
  • Dr Rubina Rasheed
  • Dr Abhishek Jain
  • Dr Zofia Bellamy
  • Dr Francis Michael Thomas Leader
  • Dr Koon Ling Mooi
  • Dr Liam Quinlan O'Connor
  • Dr Songita Rahman
  • Dr Mandira Chakraborty
  • Dr Sheik Ahmed
  • Dr Hannay Donnelly
  • Dr Thomas Fretwell
  • Dr Casey Lo
  • Dr Thomas Paul Smart
  • Dr Sharon Yue Ching Hong
  • Dr Mikael Smari Mikaelsson

These doctors are at risk of being removed from our register of doctors so we are very keen to contact them.

Do you have contact details for these doctors or know how we can contact them?

Please contact us if you can help us locate them. 

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