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Chandra, Jotishwari

Below is the registration information for this doctor.

Doctor's details


Chandra, Jotishwari




Diploma 1975 Fiji
Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji



Practising certificate

from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019



General scope

15 June 1995

Provisional scope

28 March 1994

Scope of practice


Dr Chandra is required to participate in the Inpractice recertification programme for doctors registered in a general scope of practice administered by bpacNZ.

Definitions of scopes


A doctor who has completed the requirements of a provisional general scope will be registered within a general scope of practice. Examples are doctors who have completed their first post-graduate year and may be in vocational training and doctors who have not started, or have chosen not to do, vocational training.

A general scope of practice does not mean the doctor is working in general practice which is its own specialty. Doctors with a general scope can be working in any area of medicine.

Doctors practising within a general scope will be required to participate in an approved recertification programme to assist them in maintaining their competence.

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