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Sinha, Sumita

Below is the registration information for this doctor.

Doctor's details


Sinha, Sumita


Not practising


MD 2003 Case Western Reserve
Doctor of Medicine Case Western Reserve University
Case Western Reserve University, United States of America



Practising certificate

from 7 December 2006 to 25 May 2007



Provisional scope

7 December 2006

Scope of practice

Provisional General

Definitions of scopes

Provisional General

All new registrants, regardless of seniority, must work under supervision for at least their first 12 months in New Zealand to become familiar with the culture.

During this time they are registered within a provisional general scope of practice and their performance will be assessed by senior colleagues.

They will be required to complete certain requirements to be registered within a general scope.

The only exception to this supervised period is for New Zealand and Australian graduates who have already completed their internship in Australia.

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