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McGlynn, Eileen Theresa

Below is the registration information for this doctor.

Doctor's details


McGlynn, Eileen Theresa


Not practising


MD 1988 Thomas Jefferson
Doctor of Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University, United States of America
Am Bd Cert Rad 1993
Certificate of the American Board of Radiology
American Board of Radiology, United States of America



Practising certificate

from 8 May 2017 to 29 September 2017



Provisional scope

21 July 2010

Scope of practice


  • Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology (26 November 2010)

Definitions of scopes


A doctor who has completed his or her vocational training as a consultant and has appropriate qualifications and experience can be registered within a vocational scope of practice.

A doctor registered in a vocational scope must participate in an approved continuing professional development programme to maintain competence and be recertified each year.

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology is the diagnosis and treatment of patients utilising imaging modalities including general radiography, angiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine and bone densitometry.

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