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The Medical Council has a statutory role to set standards of clinical competence, cultural competence and ethical conduct to be observed by doctors.

Good Medical Practice

Download Good medical practice (December 2016, PDF, 686 KB)

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Medical care

Download Complementary and alternative medicine (March 2011, 3 pages, 72 KB)

Download A doctor’s duty to help in a medical emergency (August 2006, 4 pages, 56 KB)

Download HRANZ Joint Guidelines for registered health care workers on transmissible major viral infections (November 2005, 4 pages, 53 KB)

Download Cosmetic procedures (October 2011, 4 pages, 135 KB)

Download Safe practice in an environment of resource limitation (August 2008, 4 pages, 81 KB)

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Good prescribing practice

Download Good prescribing practice (April 2010, 4 pages, 107 KB)

Download Prescribing drugs of abuse (April 2010, 2 pages, 76 KB)

Download Prescribing performance enhancing medicines in sport (April 2010, 1 page, 77 KB)

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Communication and informed consent

Download Information, choice of treatment and informed consent (March 2011, 8 pages, 102 KB) 

Download Use of the internet and electronic communication (July 2013, 1 page, 207 KB) 

Download Telehealth (July 2013, 1 page, 187 KB)

Download Ending a doctor-patient relationship (March 2011, 1 page, 58 KB)

Download Maintenance and retention of patient records (August 2008, 2 pages, 100 KB)

Download Disclosure of harm following an adverse event (December 2010, 4 pages, 71 KB)

Download When another person is present during the consultation (March 2004, 4 pages, 62 KB)

Download Statement on advertising (August 2010, 3 pages, 99 KB)

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Cultural competence

Download Cultural competence (August 2006, 3 pages, 66 KB)

Download Best practices when providing care to Māori patients and their whānau (Aug 2006, 4 pages, 109 KB)

Download Best health outcomes for Māori: Practice implications (Oct 2006, 47 pages, 3.55 MB)

Download Best health outcomes for Pacific Peoples: Practice implications (May 2010, 44 pages, 1.26 MB)

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Download Responsibilities of doctors management and governance (March 2011, 2 pages, 71 KB)

Download Employment of doctors in the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (December 2005, 8 pages, 75 KB)

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Download What to do when you have concerns about a colleague (December 2010, 6 pages, 129 KB)

Download Unprofessional behaviour and the health care team. Protecting patient safety (August 2009, 4 pages, 137 KB)

Download Medical certification (September 2013, 4 pages, 205 KB)

Download Sexual Boundaries in the Doctor-Patient Relationship - A resource for doctors (October 2009, 24 pages, 123 KB)

Download Providing care to yourself and those close to you (June 2013, 2 pages, 188 KB)

Download Non-treating doctors performing medical assessments of patients for third parties (December 2010, 4 pages, 70 KB)

Download Doctors and health related commercial organisations (July 2012, 4 pages, 122 KB)

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Download What to expect from your doctor when you have a cosmetic procedure (June 2008, 16 pages, 206KB)

Download You and your doctor (March 2008, 16 pages, 107KB)

Download The importance of clear sexual boundaries in the patient-doctor relationship. A guide for patients (October 2006, 16 pages 106KB)

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Cole’s medical practice in New Zealand

Cole’s provides doctors with an introduction to the main legislation, ethical standards and guidelines which govern medical practice in New Zealand.

Download Cole's medical practice in New Zealand (2011 ed, 2.25MB) or visit the Cole's page under our news and publications section to download individual chapters.

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Memoranda of Understanding

Download Copy of MOU between MCNZ and DHB's (12 August 2010)

Download Copy of MOU between MCNZ and Southern Cross Hospitals (07 Dec 2012)
The guide to credentialling contained in the MOU, as Appendix 4, has been updated.  In reading this MOU, please refer to the Southern Cross Hospitals Credentialling and Defining Scope of Practice Guide, issued May 2014 - download it here (04 June 2014)

Download Copy of MOU between MCNZ and NZPSHA (06 March 2014)

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Resources for employers

Download Orientation Topic Checklist (PDF, 462 KB)

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