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Suspensions and cancellations

Although the vast majority of doctors are both highly competent and ethical, sometimes a doctor's conduct or competence is of such concern that (following appropriate investigations and hearings) the Council or the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) decides to suspend that doctor.

Except in limited situations (for example where the doctor has used fraudulent documents to obtain registration) the Council is not able to cancel a doctor’s registration.

The power to cancel a doctor’s registration mainly rests with the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT).  Most instances of cancellation result from an HPDT order, following a HPDT hearing into a doctor’s conduct or competence.

Suspended doctors

This might happen either by suspending the doctor's practising certificate or by suspending their registration. Once a doctor has been suspended they are not allowed to legally practise as a doctor. Suspension orders are in force for a specific period of time and may require the doctor to fulfil some condition, such as further training before the doctor may be reinstated on the Register or before they can re-apply for a practising certificate.

Note: Name suppression orders made by the HPDT or by a Court may prevent the inclusion of some doctors on this list.

Below is a list of doctors whose registration is currently suspended or whose last practising certificate was suspended in the last 24 months.

Name Date of suspension
Dr Rosemary Horrocks 23 December 2016
Dr Deane Drew 11 April 2017
Dr Astrid Atlas 27 February 2014
Dr David Loeber 12 June 1987
Dr Kim Francis Brabant 19 April 2016
Dr Mushfiq Ahmad 01 September 2016
Dr Stephen Carey
18 December 1989
Dr Vaishali Verma
19 June 2007
Dr William Meinhofer
14 June 2011
Dr William Stubbs
19 June 1989
Dr David Lim 11 April 2016
Dr Petr Tobias 27 April 2017
Dr Stephen Dawson 30 June 2017
Dr Alexander Luft 17 November 2017

Doctors whose registration has been cancelled

This means the doctor is removed from the Medical Register indefinitely.  Such a doctor may reapply for registration in the future but would need to satisfy the statutory criteria for registration which include assessment of fitness for practice.  

Below is a list of doctors whose registration has been cancelled since 1 January 2010

Name Date of cancellation
Ronald Bruce Vautier
31 March 2010
Johannes Ignatius Viljoen Wilson 14 July 2010
Jonathan Mark O'Mullane 21 October 2010
Chidozie Emmanuel Onovo 15 December 2010
Sajan Singh Bhatia 21 March 2011
Suresh Kumar Vatsyayann 17 September 2012
Manilall Maharajh 16 November 2013
Paul Lewis Fox 18 February 2014
Robert Taylor 19 June 2015
Nickolas Soumelidis 26 February 2016
Agnieszka Kleszcz 17 October 2016
Teimur Youssefi 24 August 2016
Hirron Fernando 11 November 2016
Jonathan James Walsh 11 October 2017
Shashikant Vanmalidas Vaghela 11 October 2017
Lynda Marie Emmerson
12 May 2017
Mohamed S. Siddiqui 8 November 2017
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