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Health concern process

For doctors: what happens when the Council receives concerns about your health?

One of our health case managers will contact you to discuss the concerns and how these might be impacting on your practice.

The process for health is separate from that of conduct. Our approach is non-judgmental with the focus on rehabilitation, and public safety.

We may need one or more of the following:

  • a report from your treating doctor(s)
  • a report from a specialist nominated by the Health Committee. This will be at our expense.
  • your agreement to cease practice or limit your practice until we have information about your health and its impact on your practice

The Health Committee considers any reports and all the relevant information and makes a decision based on this. It will review any initial limitations in light of the fuller information and may ask you to:

  • limit your practice in relevant ways
  • agree to treatment or counselling
  • agree to monitoring of your health or practice

No further action may be needed.

If a doctor is not willing to cooperate

There is a statutory process that will need to be followed. In summary, the legislation provides for:

  • interim suspension
  • ordering a medical examination
  • recommending to Council restrictions on your registration or practising certificate, or a period of suspension while treatment is carried out

There is opportunity for the doctor to respond to the outcome of the examination, including meeting with the Health Committee.

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An overview of the process of managing health concerns

Diagram of the process taken when we are notified of a health concern.


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