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Standards for doctors

It is the responsibility of all doctors to be familiar with our "Good medical practice" publication and to follow the guidance it contains.

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, the Council's Professional Conduct Committees and the Health and Disability Commissioner may use the "Good medical practice" publication as a standard by which to measure professional conduct.

Download Good medical practice (December 2016, PDF, 686 KB)

Download Definition of clinical practice and non-clinical practice (Sep 2013, PDF, 335 KB)

Download Definition of fitness to practise (Nov 2012, PDF, 158 KB)

Download Definition of the ‘practice of medicine’ (Oct 2005, PDF, 209 KB)

Download Risk assessment process (Aug 2016, PDF, 1 KB)


We have an extensive list and access to statements and standards expected of doctors on our Statements page.

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