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Explanation of terms used in this dashboard

International medical graduates (IMGs)

We define international medical graduates (IMGs) as doctors who obtained their primary medical qualification in a country other than New Zealand. This does not necessarily mean a doctor is new to the workforce. A lot of IMGs will have worked in New Zealand for many years, sometimes decades.

The country of a doctor's primary medical qualification is separate from their ethnicity and country of birth or nationality.  

Reporting period

We report data by fiscal year (FY) - 1 July to 30 June. For example, the 2023 reporting year is 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023. For snapshots, we will specify the date - eg doctors on the medical register as of 30 June 2023.

Scopes of practice

A type of registration held by a doctor who has completed their vocational training as a specialist and has appropriate qualifications and experience.

This form of registration recognises the doctor as a specialist and allows them to work independently in New Zealand. A doctor registered in a vocational scope must participate in an approved recertification programme to assist them in maintaining their competence.

A type of registration held by a doctor who has completed the requirements of the Provisional General scope of practice. These doctors will include those who have completed their first post-graduate year and may be in vocational training, as well as doctors who have not yet started, or have chosen not to do, vocational training.

"General scope of practice" does not mean the doctor is working in general practice. General Practice is a specialty area of practice. Doctors registered in the General scope of practice can work in any area of medicine. They are required to participate in an approved recertification programme to assist them in maintaining their competence.

Provisional vocational
A type of registration held by a doctor who has completed their formal vocational training overseas, and whose qualifications, training and experience are considered either equivalent to, or as satisfactory as, that of a New Zealand-trained specialist. These doctors must work under supervision for at least 6 to 18 months and complete our requirements for registration in a vocational scope. Those requirements may include undertaking some form of assessment.

Provisional general
A type of registration. All new registrants, regardless of seniority, must work under supervision approved by us for at least 6 to 12 months to become familiar with New Zealand practice and culture.

During the supervised period, these registrants are registered within the Provisional General scope of practice and their performance is assessed by their supervisor approved by us, in collaboration with senior colleagues. They will be required to complete certain requirements to be eligible for registration within the General scope.

The only exception to this supervised period is for New Zealand and Australian graduates who have already completed their internship in Australia.

Special purpose
A type of registration held by a doctor authorised to work in New Zealand for a fixed time period, and for a specific purpose. This can include doctors who are:

  • teaching as a visiting expert
  • undertaking postgraduate training to gain experience and skills
  • carrying out research
  • working as a locum tenens in a specialist post
  • working in an emergency or other unpredictable short-term situation
  • working in a pandemic or disaster
  • providing teleradiology services to New Zealand patients.