Fees, forms and checklists

This page contains a full list of our forms including application, report and referee forms, as well as checklists and the current fees payable.

New Zealand graduates applying for PGY1

You will need to apply online using myMCNZ if you are a New Zealand graduate applying for registration for your PGY1 year.

Application forms - interns doing PGY1 and PGY2

  • PGY2-OS

    PGY2-OS - Application for pre-approval to complete PGY2 overseas


    PGY2-OSER - Application for removal of PGY2 endorsement after completing PGY2 year overseas or when when referred to Council by Advisory Panel

Application forms - general registration

  • APC2

    Practice intentions - To be completed by doctors applying for a PC to return to work after an absence of three or more years

  • REG1

    Application for registration in New Zealand

  • REG2B

    Application for registration: Australian graduates (Interns/PGY1)

  • REG3

    Doctors on provisional general and special purpose scope: Employer application for approval of position and supervisor

  • REG4

    Employer application for approval of position and supervisor (UK & Irish graduates, comparable health system, and locum tenens pathways)

  • REG6

    REG6 - Application for restoration to the medical register

  • REG7

    Provisional vocational scope - application for approval of position and supervisor

  • REG12

    Application for a practising certificate for doctors registered in a provisional or special purpose locum tenens scope who are returning to medical practice in New Zealand. This form supersedes the REG9 and REG11 forms.

Fellows applying for vocational registration who are already registered

If you hold an approved postgraduate qualification from New Zealand or Australia, and you hold general registration, you can apply for registration online through myMCNZ.

Application forms - vocational registration

  • VOC2

    Application for registration within a vocational scope of practice for doctors who hold the prescribed Australasian postgraduate medical qualification and are not registered within a general scope of practice.

Application forms - provisional vocational registration

All forms for applying for registration in a provisional vocational scope of practice are available on the dedicated web page for this application type.

Application forms - special purpose visiting expert

  • VEX1

    Application for Special Purpose: Visiting Expert Registration for teaching as a Visiting Expert

  • VEX2

    Special Purpose: Visiting Expert - Application for approval of invitation and supervision

Referee reports

  • RP6

    Referee report for use when applying for registration.

Applications for change of scope

  • COS1

    Provisional general scope - application to vary practising certificate

  • COS2

    Provisional vocational scope - application to vary practising certificate

  • COS4

    Application for general scope of practice for doctors on a provisional general scope of practice (excluding Interns).

  • COS5

    Application for change of scope from provisional vocational to vocational (ex-provisional)

  • COS7

    Special purpose scope - application to amend practising certificate

Registration checklists

  • CHKL1

    New Zealand and Australian graduates: This checklist will help you to confirm your eligibility for registration, tell you what documents you need to provide, and will tell you what documents you need to have verified at source by EPIC.

  • CHKL2 - Online applications

    Checklist 2: United Kingdom and Irish medical graduates - only for use with online applications made via myMCNZ

  • CHKL3

    CHKL3: Passed approved examinations

  • CHKL4

    Checklist 4: Comparable health system - checklist for registration in New Zealand.

  • CHKL5

    Checklist 5: Practice profile form for use by doctors applying down the comparable health system pathway.

  • CHKL7

    Australian general scope pathway - Part A: Checklist for registration in New Zealand

  • CHKL11

    Postgraduate training - Checklist for registration in New Zealand

  • CHKL12

    Research - Part A: Checklist for registration in New Zealand

  • CHKL13

    Checklist for registration in New Zealand - locum tenens registration

  • CHKL20

    Special Purpose: Teleradiology - Checklist for new applicants

Continuing professional development and collegial relationships

Other forms

  • Low income declaration

    Form that needs to be completed in order to apply for a partial refund of your practising certificate fee if your income for the year was below the threshold.

  • Statutory declaration

    Use this form to verify your documentation by Statutory Declaration