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Permanent registration

We can register a doctor to practise medicine in New Zealand on a permanent basis or for a fixed term (which we call Special Purpose).

To clarify 'permanent', this on the basis that you remain on the register until you are removed either:

  • voluntarily, if you no longer wsh to be registered,
  • involuntarily, if we decide that you no longer are fit to be a doctor practising in New Zealand

There are 2 types of permanent registration:

  1. General Scope
  2. Vocational Scope for specialist doctors

We may also grant provisional registration and conditions on your practise to ensure you receive the right training and to protect the health and safety of patients whilst you are learning and gaining experience as a doctor in New Zealand.


We recommend you read our information on Scopes of Practise to understand the differences.

We also recommend you do our Self Assessment first to determine the best pathway to registration.

Read more about getting registered as a doctor to practise medicine in New Zealand


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