Variations to provisional and special purpose scopes

You cannot work outside the requirements of your scope of practice and any requirements imposed by Council specific to you. These will be shown in an endorsement on your practising certificate. 

If you are registered within a provisional (general or vocational) scope of practice or a special purpose scope, and your employment, supervision, position or location changes, you must apply for an amendment or variation to the endorsement on your scope of practice. Once we've received and approved your variation request we will issue you a new practising certificate.

Changes in employment or supervision

If you hold provisional general, provisional vocational or special purpose registration, your practising certificate will include an endorsement detailing the requirement to work under supervision in the position that was approved in your application for registration. You will need to apply for approval for a variation to the endorsement on your practising certificate if any of the details listed on your practising certificate are going to change.

Please allow at least 20 working days for your application to be processed. If your application does not meet our policy requirements, you make disclosures, or there are any performance concerns, we may need more time to assess your application.

If you make a change of scope application you must wait for an outcome on your application before commencing your new position. If you work outside of the endorsement of your practising certification it can impact your insurance, and can limit your patients' access to scripts and ACC care. It can also expose you to legal action. If you have any questions about the endorsement on your practising certificate, please contact our registration team.

Application forms

The application form you need to complete depends on your scope of practice:

  • provisional general - please complete the COS1 form
  • provisional vocational - please complete the COS2 form
  • special purpose - please complete the COS7 form

Refer to section two on your form for a list of documentation you will need to submit with your application.

Returning to medical practice in New Zealand

Please complete the REG12 form if you're returning to medical practice and are registered in a provisional general, provisional vocational, or special purpose locum tenens scope.

  • COS1

    Provisional general scope - application to vary practising certificate

  • COS2

    Provisional vocational scope - application to vary practising certificate

  • COS7

    Special purpose scope - application to amend practising certificate

  • REG12

    Application for a practising certificate for doctors registered in a provisional or special purpose locum tenens scope who are returning to medical practice in New Zealand. This form supersedes the REG9 and REG11 forms.

Applying for a change of scope at end of provisional period

If you are on a provisional general or provisional vocational scope, you can apply for a change of scope once you have completed the requirements. Please double-check you have met all the requirements for your pathway before applying.