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To practise medicine in New Zealand, you must first gain registration from us. This ensures you are competent and fit to practise.

We register more than 1500 new doctors each year and there are over 12,000 registered doctors practising in New Zealand. More than 40 percent have trained overseas – coming from over 100 countries.

Use the links below to find out about getting registered to practise here. We recommend you start with ‘how to register’ for an overview.

Practising in New Zealand

This section gives handy information about our medical system, our population, immigration requirements, finding work, and life in New Zealand. Read more about Practising in New Zealand

How to register

Get an overview of the registration process and pathways, the requirements you need to satisfy, and how to get started. Read more about How to register

Registration self assessment tool

Use this tool to determine which registration pathway is appropriate for you. Read more about Registration self assessment tool

Scopes of practice

Learn about the areas of medicine and specialties that make up the practice of medicine in New Zealand. Read more about Scopes of practice

Registration policy

Read more about Registration policy

Registration exam - NZREX Clinical

You are required to sit and pass NZREX Clinical, our registration examination, if you are not eligible for registration under any other pathway. Read more about Registration exam - NZREX Clinical

Working away from New Zealand

Find out about the documentation we can provide if you are planning to practise overseas. Also, review your options for staying on (or being removed from) the medical register. Read more about Working away from New Zealand

Get restored to the register

See the circumstances in which you can be restored to the medical register, the process for doing this and how to apply. Read more about Get restored to the register

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