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Registration self assessment tool

Use our registration self assessment tool to determine which pathway to registration (as a medical practitioner in New Zealand) you might be eligible for. Note: we do not cover student electives.

Get an overview of the various registration pathways.

Visit the NZREX page for further guidance on your registration options.

Question one
  1. Are you:

    • currently studying for a medical degree in New Zealand or Australia OR
    • have graduated in New Zealand or Austalia, but not yet completed your internship
Question two
  1. Have graduated and completed internship in New Zealand or Australia
Question three
  1. Do you have a medical degree accredited by the Irish Medical Council or General Medical Council of the United Kingdom, and have completed your internship under either of these jurisdictions?

Question four
  1. Have you previously been on the NZ Medical Register?

Question five
  1. Are you planning to work in NZ temporarily, for less than 2 years, for one of these purposes?

    - Teach as a visiting expert
    - Undertake post-graduate training and/or experience
    - Carry out research
    - Work an an emergency or other unpredictable, short-term situation
    - Work in a pandemic or disaster

Question six
  1. Are you planning to work in NZ for more than 12 months?

Question seven
  1. Are you a qualified specialist with an appropriate post graduate qualification, planning to work in NZ as a specialist?

Question eight
  1. Do you have unrestricted registration/license for any of the countries listed below, and you have worked as a medical doctor for at least 3 of the last 4 years immediately prior to your application?

    - Australia
    - Austria
    - Belgium
    - Canada
    - Czech Republic
    - Denmark
    - Finland
    - France
    - Germany
    - Greece 
    - Iceland
    - Israel  
    - Italy
    - Norway
    - Republic of Ireland
    - Singapore
    - Spain 
    - Sweden
    - Switzerland
    - The Netherlands
    - United Kingdom
    - United States of America