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Registration requirements

To register within a provisional general scope or general scope of practice in New Zealand there are requirements you must satisfy and qualifications you must hold. Your practising certification could be at risk if you fail to satisfy these conditions. Read about the requirements below and, for comprehensive information, refer to our registration policy.

Failure to satisfy conditions
Registration policy

Provisional general scope

To qualify for registration within a provisional general scope you must:

  • demonstrate you intend to practise medicine in New Zealand
  • hold the required qualifications 
  • be considered fit for registration
  • be competent to practise.

Prevocational Training - PGY1/PGY2/NZREX 
Fitness for registration
Fitness to practise
General and provisional general scopes of practice


General scope

To qualify for registration within a general scope of practice you:

  • must meet our English language requirements
  • need to have already fulfilled (or be exempt from) the provisional general scope requirements
  • must satisfy the conditions and requirements of one of the following options in the table below. Note: click on ‘read more’ for information about the conditions and how to progress from a provisional general scope to a general scope of practice.
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