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Recertification audit

We audit 15% of doctors every year to ensure they are complying with their professional development and recertification requirements.

We recommend keeping records of your CPD plan and activities so you can produce these when you are audited.

Audit Outcomes

If you satisfy the CPD audit requirements, you will be recertified and your practising certificate will be issued. 

If you do not comply with the requirements, we may propose to place conditions on your scope of practice. We may also propose to alter your scope of practice or suspend your registration.

The Council will audit 15 per cent of doctors each year to ensure they are complying with these requirements. Doctors selected for the audit will be advised in a letter which will be included with their application for their practising certificate.

If you are participating in an accredited recertification programme


  • send a copy of the certificate issued by your VEAB


  • we will check directly with the VEAB for confirmation that you are participating (you must authorise us to do this on your practising certificate application.)

If you are working in a collegial relationship

Your colleague must sign your practising certificate application each year You will be audited periodically to check your CPD. When this happens, you will have to send details of your CPD to the Council, using the Council’s form Record of continuing professional development.

If you are a credentialed medical officer you do not have an established collegial relationship

You must nominate an appropriate person the Council can contact to confirm that:

  • you are credentialed
  • your employer has a performance management system.

We will check with the relevant branch advisory body that ou are participating in an approved recertification programme.

If you are working with a CPD Associate

Your associate will be asked to confirm you are complying with appropriate training or other activities to ensure you are competent to do the work you are doing.



Please read the handbook for more information and refer to the template in appendix 3 for guidance.

Download Continuing Professional Development and Recertification (PDF)

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