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Stay registered without practising

A doctor may choose to stay on the medical register as non-practising, and will not be issued a practising certificate.

At the time of renewing your practising certificate, you may choose to stay on the register as non-practising. You will however need to ensure the addresses we hold for you are up-to-date as if we lose touch with you, you may be removed from the register. 

If you are practising for only part of the year, please contact us at to discuss your options for your particular situation. Please note that if you are practising you must continue to participate in your recertification programme.

If during your practising certificate cycle you stop practising, you must contact us to advise your last day of practice.

You should read our policy for absence of practising for 3 or more years as it may affect you when you request a certificate to start practising again

Download Returning to practice after 3 years policy 

Alternatively you may cancel your registration and apply for restoration to the register when you want to start practising again.  This is a relatively simple process, unless you do not meet requirements to be fit for registration.


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