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Support for doctors

Doctors are constantly exposed to stresses and hazards that can impair their relationships and themselves: working long hours, fatigue, sleep deprivation, consumer demands, secondary traumatic stress, consequences of mistakes, debt, demands of external bodies (including the Council and colleges), fear of complaints and litigation, and infectious diseases.

Anecdotal comments suggest there is reluctance by many doctors to report health concerns about colleagues or themselves to the Council because of the possible impact on a doctor’s career and ability to practise.


Supporting doctors' health

When we are managing a doctor's health case, we aim, where possible, to assist the doctor to stay practising whilst their health problem is being resolved. Read more about Supporting doctors' health


The Medical Council has a statutory role to set standards of clinical competence, cultural competence and ethical conduct to be observed by doctors. We have many documents for you to download describing the standards expected of doctors. Read more about Resources

List of registered doctors

Read more about List of registered doctors

Change your personal details

Use this form to notify the Council of changes to your work address, postal address or residential address. Read more about Change your personal details


DHBs, PHOs, Doctor organisations, Government departments, Overseas regulatory authorities. Read more about Links

Online Payments

Important information regarding making online payments to us Read more about Online Payments

Find these doctors

Very occasionally we list several ‘lost’ doctors. These are doctors we cannot trace because they have not let us know their new addresses. If you change your address, please let us know your new address within a month. Read more about Find these doctors

Suspensions and cancellations

Read more about Suspensions and cancellations

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