NZ Medical Workforce in 2023 Survey Reveals Transformative Trends

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Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa | The Medical Council of New Zealand is pleased to release the findings from the New Zealand Medical Workforce in 2023 Survey. A comprehensive report that delves deep into the dynamics of doctors working in Aotearoa. This report presents a detailed picture of the current state of the medical profession, highlighting shifts in demographics, practice locations, and emerging trends that are reshaping the medical workforce.

This report leverages data collected during the annual practising certificate application process, offering an invaluable snapshot of the medical workforce. It provides a clear picture of the profession's present landscape and offers insights into its evolving future.

Dr Curtis Walker, Chair, Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa | The Medical Council of New Zealand comments: “One of the key highlights of the report is the increase in the number of doctors actively practising in New Zealand, which has now reached a total of 19,350. The report also underlines the progress in diversifying the medical workforce, with specific attention to the representation of Māori and Pasifika doctors. The report reveals promising growth in this area, with Māori doctors making up 4.7% of the medical workforce, Pasifika doctors at 2.2%, and women doctors at 47.9%. Another key statistic is that women make up 48.5% of practising doctors, and look set to outnumber male doctors in the next couple of years. ”

“Recognising the current pressure faced by our medical profession, it is imperative to continue developing a diverse medical workforce. The 2023 report emphasises the rising number of international medical graduates (IMGs) who are contributing significantly to our healthcare system. In the year ending June 2022, the report shows a surge in the registration of IMGs, with over 1,000 doctors from overseas joining the New Zealand medical workforce.”

The full New Zealand Medical Workforce Report for 2023, containing all the insights and data, is available for public access.

  • Workforce Survey 2023

    This report presents the results of our 2022 workforce survey. Key findings in this report include that the proportion of Māori doctors increased to 4.7 percent, the proportion of female doctors increased to 47.9 percent, and the total number of practising doctors increased to 19,350.