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District Health Boards

District health boards (DHBs) are responsible for providing or funding the provision of health services in their district. Disability support services and some health services are funded and purchased nationally by the Ministry of Health

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 created DHBs. It sets out their objectives, which are:

  • improving, promoting and protecting the health of people and communities
  • promoting the integration of health services, especially primary and secondary care services
  • seeking the optimum arrangement for the most effective and efficient delivery of health services in
  • order to meet local, regional, and national needs
  • promoting effective care or support of those in need of personal health services or disability
  • support.

There are currently 20 DHBs in New Zealand who will often advertise vacancies directly on their websites.

Map of DHB boundaries

DHB listings and their website links

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