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Fixed Term registration

We can register a doctor for a fixed term under special conditions and for a specific purpose. We call this type of registration Special Purpose Registration.

These are examples of Special Purpose Registrations:

  • teach as a visiting expert
  • undertake post-graduate training and/or experience
  • carry out research
  • work as a locum tenens in a specialist post for up to 12 months
  • work in an emergency or other unpredictable, short-term situation
  • work in a pandemic or disaster
  • provide teleradiology services to New Zealand patients, for up to 12 months.

Note: registration within a special purpose scope of practice is not a pathway to permanent registration.

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We recommend you do our Self Assessment first to determine the best pathway to registration.

The 3 types of registrations we process for doctors registering in New Zealand are categorised into what we call 'Scopes of Practise', those being:

  • General  - for doctors who can practise in any are of medicine but must do under supervisory and collegial conditions
  • Vocational - for specialists
  • Special Purpose

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