Other special purposes

There are two special purpose scopes of practice which enable us to react to emergencies and unpredictable situations or disasters and pandemics. The specific requirements and length of registration depend on the event, and are determined by the Council when required.

Emergency or unpredictable situation

To be eligible for this scope of practice, the Council will determine whether your qualifications are appropriate for the nature of the emergency or situation.

Pandemic or disaster

This scope of practice allows registration for a doctor to respond to an event with a longer time period than the emergency scope. Our requirements would depend on the nature of the pandemic or disaster, and would be considered when required. To be eligible, you must:

  1. have an acceptable primary medical qualification, be registered with the Council and have a current practising certificate; or
  2. have completed at least five years of study at a recognised New Zealand medical school; or
  3. have previously been registered with the Council; or
  4. hold satisfactory registration with another medical profession regulator; and
  5. meet any other criteria either set by the Registrar and published on the Council’s website, or in such a way that is practicable.