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How to register

The first step in the six-step registration process is determining your registration pathway.

Your journey to gaining full registration with us is what we call your registration pathway. We identify your pathway by assessing a range of factors, such as your qualifications and experience, where these were gained, and if you intend to work here permanently or for a specific short-term purpose.

Once you know which pathway you should be on, the specific registration process you need to follow will be clear, as will the duration and cost to register.

You need to fulfil our English language requirements and satisfy us you are fit to register before you submit your application to us. 

To get started now, use our easy self-assessment tool and see our registration pathways diagram to identify which registration pathway is appropriate for you.

Practising in New Zealand

Self assessment tool

Registration pathways

Registration process

English language requirements

Fitness to register

Primary-source verification

In August 2016, Council decided to require that applicants for registration who hold overseas qualifications, must have their qualifications primary-source verified
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