Your registration meeting

All international medical graduates coming to New Zealand to practise medicine for the first time must attend a registration meeting and be able to produce the information we've asked for.

About the meeting

The first step in your registration process is completing and sending your application, the next step is your registration meeting (sometimes referred to as a registration interview). The registration meeting allows you to complete registration formalities and apply for a practising certificate.

Once we've assessed your application and determined that you are eligible for the scope of practice that you have applied for, we'll email you a letter of eligibility for registration. This letter has contact details for our Wellington office, and our registration agents elsewhere in New Zealand. It also tells you what to bring with you to the meeting. You can then schedule your registration meeting, which will be conducted either by a Medical Council registration staff member in Wellington, or one of our agents in Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin.

At your registration meeting we'll confirm your identity, look at your original documents (see below), ask you about your practice intentions, and outline your supervision requirements. You'll also have to complete another form to apply and pay for your practising certificate. You can't practise in New Zealand until your registration has been confirmed and you have a practising certificate, so please allow 5 working days between your meeting and your start date for the paperwork to be processed and a practising certificate to be issued.

Before you attend your registration meeting all your required documents must have been primary source verified through the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) service.

What to bring with you

You need to bring to your meeting your passport and any other documents listed in the checklist attached to your letter of eligibility. You will also need to provide payment details for your practising certificate. All documents must be originals unless we advise you otherwise.

Other documents you need to bring

Each meeting requires different documentation, so please read the checklist attached to your 'letter of eligibility' carefully.

You may need to provide original documents such as:

  • your current passport
  • your original IELTS or OET test results
  • original documentary evidence of any name changes, if applicable.

Photocopies of documents to bring with you

You need to bring photocopies of the personal details pages of your passport.

Please also bring photocopies of all original documents we’ve asked you to bring. During the meeting we will certify these photocopies are true copies of the original documents and include them with your final registration application.

Fee for your practising certificate

You will need to pay the practising certificate fee when you attend your registration meeting. This fee is payable by cheque, cash, or credit card (Note: Visa and Mastercard only).

The fee varies depending on your individual circumstances. Your letter of eligibility includes the fee you need to pay.