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Fitness for registration

We need to be satisfied any doctor applying for registration in New Zealand is fit to register. This is a legal requirement upon us.

We can only register you, if you:

  1. satisfy us you are able to communicate effectively and comprehend English
  2. do not suffer from a physical or mental disorder which may affect your ability to perform the functions required for the practice of medicine
  3. have not been convicted by any Court in New Zealand (or overseas), of an offence punishable by imprisonment for a term of three months or longer; or the Council is satisfied that the offence does not reflect adversely on your fitness to practise
  4. are not under investigation or the subject of professional disciplinary proceedings in New Zealand (or in another country), or that any matter under investigation does not reflect adversely on your fitness to practise
  5. are not subject to the following orders ­- unless any order in existence does not reflect adversely on your fitness to practise:
    1. an order of a professional disciplinary tribunal (in New Zealand or overseas)
    2. an order of an accredited educational institution
    3. an order of an authority or of a similar body in another country
  6. are not a danger to the health or safety of members of the public.

Our registration application forms include a range of fitness to register questions. Your responses help us to determine if you are fit to register in New Zealand.

Doctors who are already registered to practise in New Zealand are asked similar fitness questions as part of the annual process to renew their practising certificate.

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