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Registration interview

All international medical graduates coming to New Zealand to practise for the first time must attend a registration interview.

About the interview

Attending a registration interview is part of the required process to obtain your practising certificate, before starting work as a medical practitioner in New Zealand.

After we have received and then checked your initial application, and fitness for registration to practise in New Zealand, we will send you a letter of eligibility for registration. This letter outlines the details for your registration interview, including what you need to bring with you and contact details for our Wellington office and our agents. You can then contact us to schedule your registration interview.

During the interview we will confirm your identity, look at your original documents (see below), ask you about your practice intentions and receive your practising certificate fee payment.

You will be interviewed by a Medical Council registration staff member in our Wellington office or by one of our agents in Auckland, Christchurch or Dunedin.

By the time you attend your registration interview all of your required documents must have been primary source verified through the Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) service.

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What to bring with you

You need to bring to your interview several documents and payment for your practising certificate fee. All documents must be originals unless we advise you otherwise.

Certificate of professional status or licensure verification

You will need to provide an original certificate of professional status (good standing) from every jurisdiction you have worked under for the previous 5 years. COPS are usually sent from the regulatory authority directly to the Medical Council of New Zealand. If you are advised that your COPS has not arrived at Medical Council you will need to bring the original to your interview. Your employer cannot provide these.

A letter of professional status will also need to be provided from your employer for any period within the previous 5 years if you have done voluntary medical/clinical work and you were not registered with the regulatory authority.

It is critical you bring these documents to your interview, as without them, you will not be registered and therefore you will be unable to start work in New Zealand.

We recommend you get your Certificates of professional status before you come to New Zealand, however they must be dated within 3 months of the date you intend to start work here.

Special note: if you are coming from the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Delhi, Australia, British Columbia and Alberta you can request for your registration authority to send us your Certificates of professional status electronically. In this situation, you may not need to also bring your certificates to your registration interview.

Other documents you need to bring:

Please consult your 'letter of eligibility' it will list what you need to bring to your interview.
Each interview requires different documentation.

You may need to provide original documents such as:

  • your current passport
  • a letter from us confirming your eligibility for registration
  • original documentary evidence of any name changes, if applicable

Photocopies of documents to bring with you

You need to bring photocopies of the personal details pages of your passport.

Please also bring photocopies of all original documents we’ve asked you to bring. During the interview we will certify these photocopies are true copies of the original documents and include them with your final registration application.

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Fee for your practising certificate

You will need to pay the Practising Certificate fee when you attend your registration interview. This fee is payable by cheque, cash, or credit card (Note: Visa and Mastercard only).

The amount of the fee varies depending on your individual circumstances. Your letter of eligibility includes the amount of the fee you need to pay.

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