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Registration process

For all scopes of practice the basic registration process is as follows:


Registartion process diagram


The specific registration process you need to follow depends on which registration pathway is appropriate for you.

How long will it take to get registered?

Timeframe for the application for registration process is dependent on many factors:

Is the application form complete?

Do we have all the necessary accompanying documentation: such as references, certificates of professional status, qualification and examination results? This is important as we cannot consider your application until we have all the information.

Which registration pathway are you taking? Some pathways, for instance the Vocational pathway for specialist doctors take much longer and involve many more steps to registration. 

Excluding the vocational registrations for doctors from overseas, we aim to process applications within 20 working days.

We can only begin processing your application after we have:

  • received payment
  • received a complete application
  • and all accompanying documentation is attached

Use the registration self assessment tool to determine your appropriate registration pathway. Alternatively, refer to the registration pathways diagram.

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