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Special purpose scope

You need to register within a special purpose scope of practice if you intend to work in New Zealand for a specific purpose (such as to assist in a disaster or do research), and for a fixed time period.

About the special purpose scopes of practice

These scopes of practice are for doctors who want to:

  • teach as a visiting expert
  • undertake a period of post-graduate training with the purpose of gaining experience and skills that you will use to provide healthcare in your home country.
  • carry out research
  • work as a locum tenens, in a specialist post for up to 12 months
  • work in an emergency or other unpredictable, short-term situation
  • work in a pandemic or disaster
  • provide teleradiology services to New Zealand patients, for up to 12 months. 

Note: registration within a special purpose scope of practice does not lead to registration within a general or vocational scope of practice.

Use our self assessment tool to find out if you are eligible to apply for registration within a special purpose scope.

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Registration requirements

The registration requirements you must comply with depend on the special purpose for which you seek registration. Refer to our registration requirements page and for comprehensive information, read the New Zealand Gazette notice.

Registration requirements

New Zealand Gazette notice - Issue No. 12 (February 2012)

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How to apply

You need to make your application using the correct application form, being sure to attach any documentation required.

Your application will be dealt with in accordance with our registration process. We will contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application.

Registration process diagram

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