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Supervisors and employers of international medical graduates

Our handbook Orientation, Induction and Supervision for International Medical Graduates sets out the best practice guidelines for employers and supervisors of international medical graduates (IMGs).

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Differences in medical cultures exist around the world. By providing good orientation, induction, and support you can help your new international medical graduates to understand and learn about the medical culture in New Zealand. Part A of the handbook discusses orientation and induction processes, from preparation and recruitment through to starting work and following up in subsequent months.  It also discusses the benefits of good orientation and induction processes, and how they help international medical graduates to adapt to living and working here. Part B of the handbook details what we require of employers and supervisors around supervision.

Supervision should be both formal and informal
Formal supervision is regular protected time, specifically scheduled and kept free from interruptions, to enable facilitated in-depth reflection on clinical practice.
Informal supervision is the day-to-day communication and conversation providing advice, guidance, or support as and when necessary.

Written agreement for formal supervision
For supervision to work appropriately, the supervisor and international medical graduate will need to agree on the frequency, duration, and content of formal supervision sessions. This should be recorded in a formal written agreement.

Supervision is flexible depending on the international medical graduate’s competence. Close supervision is required in the beginning, and decreases over time once the supervisor becomes comfortable about delegation and increasing the international medical graduate’s independence.

At a minimum, the Council requires that the supervisor is expected to meet the doctor:

  • daily for the first week
  • weekly for the first 3 months, and
  • monthly after that
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