Recertification for doctors on a special purpose scope

If you are registered in a special purpose scope of practice you will be granted temporary registration in New Zealand for a specific purpose and a fixed set time period. Specific special purpose scopes of practice allow you to:

  • teach as a visiting expert (for up to one week)
  • undertake a period of post-graduate training in order to gain experience and skills that you will use to provide healthcare in your home country (up to two years)
  • carry out research (up to two years)
  • work as a locum tenens, in a specialist post (up to 12 months)
  • work in an emergency or other unpredictable, short-term situation
  • work in a pandemic or disaster area
  • provide teleradiology services to New Zealand patients (up to 12 months).

 You will not have to meet any recertification requirements, instead you must work in an approved position, under approved supervision.