Special purpose scope

Special purpose registration is a temporary form of registration, for specific purposes. It is not a pathway to permanent general or vocational registration. Entry on the Register is cancelled after a fixed time period.

Special purpose registration

Special purpose registration is for a fixed time period and is needed when you want to work in New Zealand for a specific purpose, such as research, further training or to assist with a disaster.

Seven scopes of practice

Special purpose registration has seven scopes of practice. You may be able to apply if you want to:

  1. teach as a visiting expert (for up to one week)
  2. undertake postgraduate training to gain experience and skills that you will use to provide healthcare in your home country (up to two years)
  3. carry out research (up to two years)
  4. work as a locum tenens in a specialist post (up to 12 months)
  5. work in an emergency or other unpredictable short-term situation
  6. work in a pandemic or disaster
  7. provide teleradiology services to New Zealand patients (up to 12 months).

Registration within a special purpose scope of practice is not permanent and does not lead to registration within a general or vocational scope. If you want long-term work in New Zealand or want to return to practise in the future, you can look at pathways to general or vocational registration. Our self assessment tool will help you determine the most appropriate form of registration to apply for.