Vocational and provisional vocational scopes

Vocational registration is a form of permanent, specialist registration which allows you to work independently in New Zealand.

There are 36 areas of medicine, or ‘vocational scopes’ which are recognised by us. These are areas of specialised medical practice, each one is defined by an accredited postgraduate training programme and qualification.

Benefits of vocational registration

Holding a vocational scope of practice means that you:

  • are recognised by Council as a specialist
  • can work independently in New Zealand
  • may prescribe specialist medications
  • may obtain funding for certain types of medications
  • are able to supervise other doctors.

Recognised areas of medicine

You'll find the areas of medicine currently recognised by us listed under types of vocational scope.

Applying for registration

The Getting Registered section of our website can tell you more about how to apply for registration in the vocational scope.