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Change your personal details

Use this form to notify the Council of changes to your work address, postal address or residential address.

Change of name

If you are needing to update your name, unfortunately we can't handle these applications online at present.  Please follow the link below for further information about the process of updating your name with Council:

Change of name process

Change of address  

You may also change your personal details using myMCNZ.  To do this you must sign up using the information provided by the Medical Council, once you have signed up you can log in and change your personal details.

Section 140 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 requires you to provide Council with your current work place, postal and residential address details.

Work place details

If you are on a provisional or special purpose scope of practice and changing employers, you will need to complete the appropriate Change of Scope form. These can be downloaded here.

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Postal details
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Residential address details
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Registered address

Please select one of your addresses as your registered address.

Your registered address will appear on the medical register which is a publicly available document.  Please note the Medical Council recommends not using a residential address as your address for the medical register.

If you do not want your registered address to appear in the medical register, you must notify Council's Registrar in writing.