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District health boards

To find out more about a district health board Read more about District health boards

Useful links for doctors

The following are links that doctors might find useful. These links were originally listed on pages 103 and 104 of Cole’s Medical practice in New Zealand handbook: Read more about Useful links for doctors

Primary Health Organisations

Primary health organisations (PHOs) are funded by district health boards to support the provision of essential primary health care services Read more about Primary Health Organisations

Doctors organisations

To find more out about organisations that represent doctors Read more about Doctors organisations

Government departments and agencies

A number of Government departments and agencies oversee the delivery of health care to New Zealanders Read more about Government departments and agencies

Health professional regulatory bodies

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 established independednt registering authorites to register and monitor all health practitioners Read more about Health professional regulatory bodies

Overseas regulatory and educational bodies

Find out more about overseas regulatory and educational bodies Read more about Overseas regulatory and educational bodies

Schools of medicine

To learn more about schools of medicine in New Zealand Read more about Schools of medicine

Kiwi Health Jobs

Kiwi Health Jobs is owned and supported by the 20 District Health Boards and the New Zealand Blood Service and provides a one-stop-shop if you are looking for a job in New Zealand's public health sector. Read more about Kiwi Health Jobs

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