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General and vocational scope doctors

If you are a doctor who is registered in a vocational scope of practice as well as a general scope, and if you are practising in your vocational scope and your general scope, you do not have to join the inpractice recertification programme provided by bpac nz to recertify for your general scope.

You will however need to comply with Council’s recertification in both scopes of practice:

  • Vocational scope – actively participate in the accredited college or vocational education and advisory body recertification programme; and
  • General scope – either participate in an approved medical college training programme related to your work, or arrange your own continuing professional development (CPD) with the help of your colleague (ie through a collegial relationship with a doctor who holds vocational registration in that area of medicine).

Example: you hold a vocational scope in general practice, but you also work in internal medicine at the local District Health Board. In this case, you should be actively participating in the RNZCGP MOPS programme, and you should either be enrolled in the RACP’s internal medicine training programme, or be in a collegial relationship with a doctor who holds vocational registration in internal medicine.

If you choose to arrange your own CPD through a collegial relationship, you will need to spend 50 hours each year on CPD activities related to the work you are doing within your general scope, including:

  • one audit of medical practice each year
  • at least 10 hours a year of peer review
  • at least 20 hours a year of continuing medical education (CME)

In addition:

  • your CPD must be referenced to the domains of practice listed on pages 4 and 5 of Council’s publication Recertification and continuing professional development
  • you must record your CPD on Council’s forms, which can be downloaded from our fees, forms and checklists page
  • your colleague must sign your practising certificate application form each year
  • if audited, you must provide forms signed by your colleague, and evidence of completed Council forms to show you are meeting the Council’s recertification requirements
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