Factors that may affect your application for a vocational scope

This page contains important information on approved qualifications, the information to include with your application, and other things that may affect your application for registration in a vocational scope.

Approved postgraduate qualifications

We have a list of postgraduate qualifications for New Zealand and Australia that are approved for registration within a vocational scope of practice. However we do NOT have a list of approved qualifications for any other country.

We will consider all postgraduate qualifications from outside New Zealand and Australia on a case-by-case basis.

Information to include with your application

Each vocational scope of practice application form includes a list of all the information you MUST provide, where applicable, with your application. If you don't include all the required information your application may be delayed or declined.

If there are any specific issues that may affect your application we will let you know in writing, and we'll also indicate how successful your application is likely to be.

Other factors that could affect your application

Other things to consider include:

  • does the country in which you trained and practised have a comparable health system to New Zealand?
  • how does the structure and length of your training programme compare with the New Zealand training programme for the vocational scope in which you are making your application?
  • have you been awarded a certificate of completion (or similar) for your basic and advanced specialist training? For example, the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) from the United Kingdom.
  • do you have recent clinical experience within the vocational scope in which you are making your application?
  • is your experience across the full vocational scope in which you are making your application or is it limited to a subspecialty only?

Wait until you hear from us

Some applications are unsuccessful. Please don't commit to any travel plans or sign an employment contract until we approve your vocational scope of practice application.