Vocational (specialist) training and recertification programmes

Once a doctor successfully completes prevocational medical training and has received registration within a general scope of practice, a doctor is then eligible to enrol in a vocational medical training programme. Doctors undertaking this training are referred to as trainee doctors, and are usually employed as registrars.

Aim of the vocational medical training programme

The aim of the vocational medical training programme is to ensure that doctors further develop specialist clinical and professional skills. The broad goals of vocational medical training are to produce doctors eligible for vocational registration within a recognised scope of practice, who:

  1. have demonstrated the requisite knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary for independent practice through a broad range of clinical experience and training in the relevant vocational scope of practice
  2. can practice unsupervised in the relevant vocational scope of practice, providing comprehensive, safe and high quality medical care.
  3. have a high level of understanding of the scientific and evidence base of the specialty
  4. are able to provide leadership in the complex health care environments in which they practice, to work collaboratively with patients and their families, and the range of health professionals and administrators, and to accept responsibility for the education of junior colleagues
  5. have knowledge and understanding of the issues associated with the delivery of safe, high quality and cost effective health care within the New Zealand health system
  6. are able to assess and maintain their competence and performance through a Council accredited recertification programme.

More information on vocational recertification programmes can be found below.

Once a doctor has gained vocational registration

All doctors are required to either participate in a Council accredited training or recertification programme. For vocationally registered doctors, their relevant college will generally be accredited by Council as a recertification provider.