Musculoskeletal medicine

Musculoskeletal medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment (or referral) of patients with neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction, disorders and diseases, most of whom present with acute or chronic pain problems.

Vocational training in New Zealand

Vocational training in musculoskeletal medicine is undertaken through the New Zealand Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (NZAMM). Once NZAMM training is completed the doctor is awarded the Certificate of Accreditation (CAMM).

Am I able to apply to work as a recognised specialist in New Zealand?

To apply for vocational registration in musculoskeletal medicine, you need either:

  • the CAMM qualification; or
  • an international postgraduate medical qualification in musculoskeletal medicine, where your combination of qualifications, training and experience will then be assessed against the standard of the CAMM.

What standard will my training, qualifications and experience be compared against?

Recognised specialists in New Zealand must complete:

Part A: specific papers from an approved postgraduate diploma of Musculoskeletal Medicine or Pain Medicine from an Australian or a New Zealand university.

Part B: a clinical training programme. When they have completed the clinical training programme they'll be invited to sit the final examinations.

Trainees may complete Part A and Part B concurrently.

Usually they will train for 4 years, but that may be reduced if they have prior experience.

During their training they will:

  • rotate through established musculoskeletal clinics, as well as outpatient and other specialty clinics
  • attend training and general musculoskeletal retreats
  • perform self-directed and distance learning
  • complete the required papers from the Otago University Diploma and Masters of Pain Medicine courses.

I want to make a vocational registration application

To make a vocational registration application, please refer to the Vocational Registration Homepage and select the option appropriate for you.

Am I able to apply for other types of registration?

You may be able to apply for more than one type of registration. To find out which is the best fit for you, please use our self assessment tool.