Sexual health medicine

Sexual health medicine is concerned with sexual relations, including freedom from sexually transmissible infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancy, coercion and physical and psychological sexual discomfort. Its practice encompasses a wide range of factors that contribute to STIs, sexual assault, sexual dysfunction and fertility.

It also promotes sexual health of the community through education, advocacy, screening and diagnostic testing. It has a clinical perspective and a public health approach. It includes the treatment of individuals and the contact tracing and treatment of their sexual partners.

Vocational training in New Zealand

Vocational training in sexual health medicine is undertaken through the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM) of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). Once AChSHM training is completed, the doctor is awarded the Fellowship of the AChSHM (FAChSHM).

Am I able to apply to work as a recognised specialist in New Zealand?

To apply for vocational registration in sexual health medicnne, you need either:

  • the FAChSHM qualificatiion; or
  • an international postgraduate medical qualification in sexual health medicine, where your combination of qualifications, training and experience is assessed against the standard of the FAChSHM.

What standard will my training, qualifications and experience be compared against?

Recognised specialists in New Zealand must complete 6 years of training and meet the requirements below:

  • 3 years of basic training, including:

    • 24 months of core training, including:

      • 6 months minimum in general medicine,

      • No more than 6 months in one specialty (noting that Acute Assessment is a medical subspecialty)

    • 12 months maximum of non-core training (can be replaced by additional core training)

    • Completion of an Advanced Life Support course or equivalent.

    • in the third year or later the trainee may attempt the FRACP examination. They must must successfully complete both the Written Examination and Clinical Examination in Adult Internal Medicine.

  • 3 years of advanced training, which:

    • builds on the cognitive and practical skills acquired during basic training

    • ensures that the trainee is able to provide (at consultant level), unsupervised comprehensive medical care in adult/paediatric medicine, or one or more subspecialty

  • participate in the RACP continuing professional development programme (MyCPD).

Once a trainee has successfully completed all the examination and training requirements they will be awarded the FAChSHM.

The training requirements are described in more detail at

I want to make a vocational registration application

To make a vocational registration application, please refer to the Vocational registration homepage and select the option appropriate for you.

Am I able to apply for other types of registration?

You may be able to apply for more than one type of registration. To find out which is the best fit for you, please use our self assessment tool.